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Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

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  • Time of issue:2020-12-28 09:56:35
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  In order to promote the corporate culture and let every employee truly feel the warmth of Dayu, on March 20th, the company held a warm and happy birthday party for the birthday stars of the month. Employees from all departments gathered together to share this happy moment. As the host of the site, Chen Ze from the Administration and Personnel Department, on behalf of the company, sent sincere greetings to the birthday stars, wishing them a smooth job, good health, and a happy family! Wang Fen from the Field Sales Department, and Yang Zhifang from the Quality Management Department Deliver birthday speeches as employee representatives!

  The whole birthday party was lively and lively. A game of "grab a stool and gain a fat sheep" made the atmosphere immediately rise. Five birthday stars enthusiastically participated in the scene, cheerful music accompanied by everyone’s laughter, Hu Jie from the Finance Department won the final winner of the game and received a birthday gift from the company. When the song "Happy birthday to you..." is familiar When the wonderful melody sounded, the birthday stars made a wonderful birthday wish together. Amidst the singing, a kind of touch came to life. We deeply felt the company's cordial care for each member, and everyone's face was filled with joy and happiness.

  On Valentine's Day, February 14th, Dayu Electric ushered in the employee birthday party in February. In this birthday party, representatives of the birthday stars spoke and sent their own blessings. The administrative personnel department specially prepared five birthday gifts. The birthday stars were enthusiastic. Participating in the game in the birthday event, after several rounds of fierce PK, the birthday stars who won the game session received special gifts prepared for them by the company. Then, the birthday stars took a group photo, sang birthday songs, made good New Year wishes, and shared delicious birthday cakes. The birthday stars gathered together in the ocean of joy!

  In the era of rapid high-tech development, talents are the key resource for corporate competitiveness. After more than ten years of development, Dayu Electric has fully realized the importance of talents. The company regards talents as the most valuable asset. "Respect for talents, cultivate talents, and achieve talents" is the company's talent philosophy. With a flexible talent selection mechanism, broad development space, excellent growth environment, and efficient incentive mechanism, Dayu Electric has made the company a high ground for talent gathering, providing opportunities for various talents to display their talents.

  Fair competition, talent recruitment

  Dayu Electric introduces an open, fair and just competition mechanism in the selection of talents. While paying attention to the cultivation of its own talents, it actively strengthens the introduction of talents, and recruits only on the basis of talents. Through the internal selection and competition mechanism, the enthusiasm and initiative of employees are fully mobilized, and the efficiency of the use of talents is improved. Through the external recruitment mechanism, the company's technical strength and management capabilities are enhanced, the company's business process reform is promoted, and the company's overall competitiveness is enhanced.

  The position is suitable for the person, and the person makes the best use of his talents

  Dayu Electric provides employees with a broad space for development. Insist on conceptual innovation and system innovation, and encourage employees to tap their potential and surpass their limits. While achieving corporate goals, we will build a stage for employees to develop their abilities and provide them with development space to realize their self-worth, so that every employee can give full play to their subjective initiative and creativity, fully demonstrate themselves, and display their talents. Forge ahead and keep pace with the times Dayu Electric attaches great importance to employee training and helps employees improve their own quality and professional skills. Dayu Electric regularly provides employees with technical training, business development and management ability improvement training, and provides corresponding knowledge updates and skill reserves for their career development, ensuring that every employee can continue to progress and grow, forge ahead, and meet challenges .

  go hand in hand to create a better future

  Dayu Electric creates a good cultural atmosphere and continuously strengthens the affinity and cohesion within the enterprise. Dayu Electric has established a salary system, performance management system, incentive system and a humanized welfare system that are in line with the market to fully tap and give full play to the enthusiasm of employees. Let all employees of the company share the company's goals and development blueprint, strengthen communication and exchanges within the company, and enable employees and the company to work together to create a bright future for Dayu Electric.

  Today you are proud of Dayu, tomorrow Dayu will be proud of you!




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