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Technical advantages

Technical advantages

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  The company has a technical research and development team composed of more than 120 people, all technical research and development personnel have a college degree or above, of which 76 have intermediate (including elementary) or higher technical titles, 18 have senior technical titles or higher, and 3 enjoy national government subsidies. The company’s technology center adheres to the path of independent innovation centered on technological innovation, product innovation, brand building, talent training, and industrialization development, and works closely with universities and government units to build the "Wuhan University Hubei Dayu Electric Co., Ltd. Engineering Research Center", "Huazhong University of Science and Technology Hubei Dayu Electric Co., Ltd. Non-power Nuclear Technology Engineering Research Center", "Wuhan University of Technology Hubei Dayu Electric Co., Ltd. Soft Start Equipment R&D Base", "Dayu Electric Academician Expert Workstation", "Hubei Research and development institutions such as the Provincial Motor Soft Start Engineering Technology Research Center have developed a series of new products with international and domestic advanced levels, breaking the monopoly of foreign manufacturers in products such as high-voltage and super-power soft-start devices.

  After more than ten years of development, Dayu Electric Technology Center has become the top domestic research and development of electric drive equipment such as soft starter and brushless double-fed controller, particle accelerator, high-voltage vacuum device research and development, high and low voltage power distribution design, industrial automation The control system is integrated into an integrated technology R&D center and engineering design center.



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