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Urban water supply solutions
From July 1, 2012, China will enforce the latest drinking water standard GB5749-2006 "Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water". If all 106 indicators in the new standard meet the standards, tap water can be consumed directly. The new national standard requirements put forward higher requirements for the urban water supply process. In addition to the process level and the quality of the pipe network, the stable and reliable operation of various water intake, water delivery pumps, stirring pumps and other equipment also plays an important role in the normal water supply and water quality. effect.
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Cement industry solutions
The cement production process can usually be briefly summarized as "two grinding and one firing", that is, the raw materials are first ground into raw materials, then the mature materials are calcined, and then the clinker is ground into cement. From the sandstone library, limestone library, steel slag library, fly ash library fixed ratio dosing system mixed into raw material powder, the conveying system sends the raw material powder into the raw meal mill for raw meal preparation, and the prepared raw meal is sent to the homogenization library. The raw meal quantitative feeder in the homogenization storehouse sends the raw meal to the preheater for preheating and then enters the rotary kiln system to calcinate the mature material. After calcination, the clinker can be sent to the finished product mill to grind into finished cement after being cooled and broken.
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Metallurgical industry solutions
We provide comprehensive solutions for the metallurgical industry from smart grid to electric drive. Solutions include:   1, Smart grid:   1) Power distribution design and hardware We have rich experience in the design and production of high and low voltage switchgear and a rich product line, providing different types of high and low voltage power distribution system design outsourcing for different individual needs of customers Services and products.
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