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"Dayu Electric" soft start highlights hard power (Hubei Daily May 22)

"Dayu Electric" soft start highlights hard power (Hubei Daily May 22)

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  • Time of issue:2019-07-08
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"Dayu Electric" soft start highlights hard power (Hubei Daily May 22)

(Summary description)"Dayu Electric" soft start highlights hard power (Hubei Daily May 22)

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  • Time of issue:2019-07-08
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  Pictured: In the inverter assembly area of ​​Dayu Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (Xiaogan), employees are assembling high-voltage inverters for export to India. The frequency conversion energy-saving devices, motor soft start devices and high and low voltage complete sets of equipment developed and produced by Dayu Electric are widely used in the fields of water conservancy, petroleum, steel and urban rail transit. This year, they have won domestic orders and exported to Vietnam, India, Russia, etc. 15 400 million yuan in production orders for each country. (Photo by Hubei Daily News reporter Zhang Hong, correspondent Yan Meihua)

  Hubei Daily All-Media Correspondent Chen Chunbao Correspondent Ningbo Peng Jiuan

  Successfully started Shaanxi Longmen Iron and Steel's 30,000-kilowatt blast furnace fan at one time, creating the highest soft-starting power for motors in China.

  participated in the drafting and formulation of 5 national standards for soft-start products, becoming the industry leader.

  Why did a small company with a start-up fund of only 45,000 yuan become a “little technology giant” in the province? On May 12, a reporter from Hubei Daily went into Dayu Electric Technology Co., Ltd. in Xiaogan High-tech Zone to explore this soft The hard power behind starting a business.

  1. Borrowing wisdom also attracts wisdom

  What is a soft start? It is to reduce the starting current of the motor through technical measures to ensure the safety of the power grid and the motor.

  In 1996, at the beginning of the business, Dayu Electric’s leading product was water resistance soft start. "Looking at it now, this is a product that can't be simpler." said Li Xinzhou, deputy director of Dayu Electric Technology.

  When solid-state soft-start products dominate the market, Dayu Electric keenly takes electromagnetic voltage-regulating soft-start as the main direction of attack. However, due to weak research and development capabilities and unable to break through key technologies, the project is progressing slowly.

  The turnaround came from a matchmaking event between enterprises and universities in Wuhan held in Xiaogan City. Dayu Electric has reached a cooperation agreement with Wuhan University of Technology. Under the guidance of Professor Yuan Youxin, it has successfully developed the "Electromagnetic Voltage Regulating Soft Starter for High Voltage AC Motors".

  Dayu Electric, which has tasted the sweetness, was unacceptable. It has successively cooperated with Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University and other universities to build scientific and technological innovation platforms such as Hubei Electrical Engineering Technology Research Center and High Voltage Solid State Soft Start R&D Experimental Base. .

  In 2008, Dayu Electric invested more than 20 million yuan to set up a research and development center in Wuhan Optics Valley.

  In 2009, Hubei Province's first private enterprise academician expert workstation and the industry's first provincial-level motor soft start engineering technology center settled in Dayu Electric. On this platform, Dayu Electric and Huazhong University of Science and Technology jointly developed the "Brushless Doubly-Fed Motor Variable Frequency Speed ​​Regulation System", which was evaluated by experts from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a "revolutionary breakthrough in the field of electric drives."

  In recent years, Dayu Electric has cooperated with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology and other universities and has successively obtained more than 70 national patents, including more than 30 invention patents. Last year alone, it applied for 15 invention patents.

  Borrowing wisdom also attracts wisdom. In 2004, when Dayu Electric invited Li Xinzhou to join, in addition to a high salary, he also offered 150,000 yuan in the company's original shares. After Li Xinzhou joined Dayu Electric, he was responsible for the research and development of high-voltage solid-state soft starters for high-power motors, from 800 kW, 5,000 kW, and 8,000 kW to a series of high-voltage and high-power motor soft starters with 15,000 kW and 20,000 kW, one step at a time. .

  "The original shares of 150,000 yuan, after capital appreciation, are now worth more than 4 million yuan." Li Xinzhou said that the company has dozens of key employees who have received equity incentives like him.

  In order to encourage employees to innovate, Dayu Electric has made it clear that the sales revenue of new products within 3 years after production will be rewarded to scientific researchers in the form of dividends at the proportions of 3%, 2% and 1%.

  2, speak with quality

  Once, the domestic high-end soft start market was monopolized by international giants. How to break into this lucrative market?

  In 2010, the Hefei BOE project was launched, and its industrial central air-conditioning system soft start products were prepared to choose products from an international giant. Yuan Bibo, general manager of Dayu Electric's Denso Division, rushed to Hefei with product prototypes, but was rejected.

  Yuan Bibo is soft grinding and hard foaming, explaining in detail the advantages of Dayu Electric's electromagnetic voltage regulating soft start products, only requiring a chance to "compete" on the same platform. Seeing that he was confident, the person in charge of Hefei BOE agreed.

  In the field test, Dayu Electric's soft starter products have low starting current, stable operation, and the price is less than half of foreign products. The person in charge of Hefei BOE was moved, and promised Yuan Bibo to send two prototypes to try.

  After a period of trial, Hefei BOE was very satisfied and purchased 27 soft start products in one go. Since then, BOE’s soft-start products in various projects have been exclusively supplied by Dayu Electric.

  This competition on the same stage made Dayu Electric products a hit. Since then, the soft start products used by Huaxing Optoelectronics and Panda Electronics have also made Dayu Electric products their first choice.

  From pure resistance type, electromagnetic type to power electronic control, frequency conversion start control, Dayu electrical products cover four major starting modes, with six series, more than 20 products, and the national market share exceeds 10%, becoming the domestic soft start industry Leading enterprise.

  In 2013, the National Standardization Committee entrusted Dayu Electric to preside over the drafting of "Terminals for Motor Soft Starter", "General Technical Requirements for Motor Soft Starter", "Model Method for Motor Soft Starter", "Large Motor Synchronous Soft Starter", "Large Motor Five national standards including "Asynchronous Soft Start Device".

  3, benchmarking against international giants

  The best competition is cooperation, and the best cooperation is mutual achievement.

  It's no better to use this sentence to describe the relationship between Dayu Electric and the international soft-start industry ABB, Emerson (Vidi) and other industry giants.

  In 2013, Dayu Electric and Emerson (Vidi) carried out in-depth cooperation to implement dual-brand operations. In 2015, the 30,000-kilowatt-class high-power synchronous motor variable frequency soft start system jointly developed by the two parties was officially put into use at Shaanxi Longmen Iron and Steel Company.

  Previously, this type of ultra-high power variable frequency soft start system has been monopolized by foreign technology. The system boldly adopts brand-new ideas and structure, directly output high-voltage AC, high efficiency, good starting waveform, small current, completely no impact, comprehensive energy-saving potential, and the price of the complete system is more than 20% lower than similar pure imported products.

  After half a year of trial operation of the system in Longmen Iron and Steel Company, more than 10 starts were completed in succession, all of which were successful at one time. The commissioning of this large-scale variable-frequency soft-start device has enabled Dayu Electric's soft-start technology to continuously narrow the gap with the international giants and stand at the commanding heights of domestic soft-start technology.

  In 2018, the two parties successfully jointly developed a 40,000-kilowatt ultra-high-power variable frequency soft start system for Tangshan Steel's Laoting Steel Plant. The starting parameters, energy saving and other technical indicators have reached the predetermined goals, and the trial operation will soon begin.

  The successful cooperation with Emerson (Vidi) has attracted the attention of ABB, a world-class soft starter. In 2015, ABB began to cooperate with Dayu Electric, and Dayu Electric provided after-sales technical services for it. In the next step, the in-depth cooperation between the two parties will continue.

  "The cooperation with international giants has broadened our horizons and allowed us to benchmark against international standards and grow rapidly." Li Xinzhou was deeply moved.


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