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36 Years of "Soft Kungfu" Practiced Skills—Remember Li Xinzhou, the winner of the "May 1st Labor Medal" in Hubei Province

36 Years of "Soft Kungfu" Practiced Skills—Remember Li Xinzhou, the winner of the "May 1st Labor Medal" in Hubei Province

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36 Years of "Soft Kungfu" Practiced Skills—Remember Li Xinzhou, the winner of the "May 1st Labor Medal" in Hubei Province

(Summary description)36 Years of "Soft Kungfu" Practiced Skills—Remember Li Xinzhou, the winner of the "May 1st Labor Medal" in Hubei Province

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  Before each soft starter was delivered, Li Xinzhou had to repeatedly check it many times. (Photo by Xiaogan Daily reporter Li Qi)

  (Reported by Xiaogan Daily reporter Li Qi, correspondent Peng Jiuan) He has multiple identities: Xiaogan craftsman, technical expert, Hubei chief technician, Jingchu craftsman; he has won many honors: Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, Provincial Workers Technological Innovation Achievement Award, the latest one The item is the "May 1st Labor Medal" of Hubei Province in 2019.

  Dark skin, capable inch, first met Li Xinzhou, engineer of Dayu Electric Technology Co., Ltd., dressed in dark blue work clothes, showing the true colors of workers.

  Over the past 36 years, he has been deeply involved in the electrical control industry, and has successively developed high-voltage solid-state soft starters, electromagnetic voltage-regulating soft starters and other series of products, breaking the "foreign monopoly" in the field of high-voltage and high-power motor soft-starting. It is a veritable "soft start" technology. take.

  in the "pass through the barriers" again and again to plump themselves

  In 1983, Li Xinzhou, who graduated from Xiaogan Industrial School, joined the city general machinery factory to work. In the second year, the factory was preparing to develop a test bench for automobile motors. Li Xinzhou, who was proficient in mechanical manufacturing, became a member of the R&D team.

  Continuous technical research has made Li Xinzhou interested in electrical control. But he knows well that if he wants to do a good job, his enthusiasm is not enough and he has to work hard.

  In 1985, Li Xinzhou's opportunity came. The Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and the Provincial TV University jointly organized an electrical control automation tutoring class. He successfully passed the entry exam and obtained the "access card."

  The remedial class is part-time, and one hour of video learning is concentrated in the evening. During the day, when working in the factory, Li Xinzhou watched and pondered, pondered and operated. After class in the evening, he returned to the dormitory to light up the "night battle", reviewing the course of the day, and pondering the technical problems encountered during the day.

  In 2 years, more than 700 classes, Li Xinzhou did not miss a single period. At the beginning of the 40-person tutoring class, only 7 people eventually got a diploma in electrical control and automation, and he was one of them.

  In 1994, the budding Li Xinzhou was "phased" by a weighing instrument factory and invited him to develop an electronic weighing instrument, and put forward the "rigorous" requirements-to bring the product to the market within one year.

  Li Xinzhou, who received the task, was both excited and apprehensive, because he had never touched the field of weighing instruments. He collected books on weighing instrument technology and electronic equipment, and found the most advanced electronic weighing instrument on the market to "prepare for war."

  “A prototype machine can’t be disassembled and installed dozens of times, and every part can be counted clearly when you close your eyes. I have read the book several times, and I have long been familiar with it.” A year later, Li Xinzhou took the lead in research and development. The latest products of the company entered the market.

  He frankly said that for 36 years since he was exposed to electrical control, he has been repeating the road of technological research, research and development, and production. "Only by constantly enriching ourselves, can we seek breakthroughs in the ‘pass through’ again and again."

  Break the "foreign monopoly" of high-power soft start technology

  In 2004, Li Xinzhou joined Dayu Electric, responsible for the research and development of 800 kW high-power motor high-voltage solid-state soft starter.

  Li Xinzhou introduced that the so-called "soft start" means that, compared with the "hard start", the uncontrollable overload inrush current becomes a controllable and adjustable starting current to avoid damage to the power supply grid, motors and driving equipment.

  "At that time, domestic soft starting was just starting, and the maximum could only reach 500 kilowatts. The soft starting technology of high-power motors has been mastered by foreign countries, and the equipment is expensive." Li Xinzhou is determined to take the road of independent research and development.

  There is no information for reference, so I keep on simulating and testing in process and experiment. If you don't have ideas, you will find university professors and industry experts, or even go to the workshop to find operating workers, looking for breakthroughs from different angles.

  tried to make the first prototype, but the thyristors of the equipment burned down one after another. Encountered a "stuck neck", Li Xinzhou was so anxious that blisters formed on his mouth.

  Eating instant noodles when hungry, and when he was tired, he stayed in the workshop for three full days. Combining the cause of the failure, he designed a trigger mode for high-frequency energy extraction, which replaced the traditional low-pressure energy extraction and greatly improved the product. Its stability completely overcomes the problem of "exploding pipes". Company leaders praised him: high skills, trustworthy and reliable.

  Subsequently, Li Xinzhou "passed through all the way" and successfully developed a series of high-voltage and high-power motor soft-start devices of 5000 kilowatts, 8000 kilowatts, 15,000 kilowatts, and 20,000 kilowatts, which "leaded" the domestic market. Its performance and starting effect exceeded that of similar foreign products. Sales exceeded 200 million yuan.

  In 2015, Li Xinzhou took the lead in the establishment of an innovation studio, and passed on his years of experience accumulation and technical skills to young employees without reservation, and successively brought out 26 "apprentices".

  Li Xinzhou is obsessed with the replacement and upgrading of motor soft start products. From the original 1.4-meter-wide cabinet to 1 meter-wide, the solid-state soft-start equipment that has been "out of his hands" now has undergone 4 upgrades. The volume and weight are gradually reduced, but the technical "gold content" is getting higher and higher.

  "Currently trying to reduce the width to 0.8 meters." In 2018, Li Xinzhou's innovation studio was approved as the "Hubei Craftsman Innovation Studio" and declared 4 invention patents and 2 utility model patents that year.

  Don’t be a “general” who talks about soldiers on paper

  "The market is the ‘battlefield’ for testing the strength of products." Li Xinzhou said that the market is different from laboratories and is full of various uncontrollable environmental factors, which will affect the normal use of products and cause various “difficult diseases”.

  At Dayu Electric, Li Xinzhou is the one who specializes in "difficult and complicated diseases".

  In 2014, when a large steel plant in Hebei was using Dayu electric soft starter equipment, the phenomenon of "pipe burning" occurred. The blower could not send air and the blast furnace had to be shut down. Li Xinzhou rushed to the scene to "check the pulse."

  The factory is remote, the road is blocked, and it is impossible to drive. All the testing equipment and components need to be carried on their backs.

  "A one-way trip is 3 kilometers, at least two round trips a day, and the heaviest equipment is more than 20 kilograms." Li Xinzhou has only one belief in his heart, and that is to solve the problem as soon as possible. After replacing parts, inspecting items one by one and eliminating them one by one in front of the customer, Li Xinzhou was "red eyes" and finally verified that there was no problem with the product itself.

  The problem must lie in the external environment. The windings connecting the blast furnace are inextricably threaded, one person thick, and there are dozens of cabinets in the power distribution room... These "blockers" did not scare Li Xinzhou. He was not convinced, determined to figure it out.

  Li Xinzhou told himself that he must calm down and investigate carefully. While inspecting the high-voltage substation, the technician suddenly mentioned that a transformer was specially adjusted to supply power to the starting device.

  Li Xinzhou slapped his thigh suddenly: "Isn't that the problem! When power is supplied by the special transformer, the harmonics generated by the thyristor during the starting process have no release channels. Simply put, the starting device is indigestion. Don't you "burn the tube"?"

  He then gave a solution-to increase the transformer load by 30%. After finding the right crux, the motor started smoothly, and the customer gave a thumbs up: "It's worthy of being a professional to do professional things!"



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