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DBT15 series vector control low voltage inverter



  • 详细描述
  • 原理及特性
  • 型号定义及选型说明
  • 技术参数
  • 一次方案
  •   It can be widely used in wire drawing machines in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, electric power, building materials, coal, medicine, food, paper, plastics, printing and dyeing, lifting, cable, washing, water supply, HVAC, sewage treatment and other industries. Mixers, extruders, winding machinery, compressors, fan pumps, grinders, conveyor belts, elevators, centrifuges and other equipment.


    •        characteristic:

        ■ High-performance optimized space voltage vector V/F algorithm, high efficiency, low noise, and low electromagnetic interference;

        ■ 1.5~18.5KW built-in braking unit, only need to configure braking resistor;

        ■ Bipolar high-performance PID with correction function, convenient for closed-loop control;

        ■ Speed tracking start function, centrifuge and dehydrator can be started at any time;

        ■ The Chinese display operation panel has a good man-machine dialogue interface;

        ■ Achieve 180% low-frequency torque output, torque control accuracy ±5%;

        ■ Rich expansion cards realize industry solutions: IO expansion cards, communication cards and PG cards;

        ■ 8-segment simple PLC, multi-speed and PID control, swing frequency control;

        ■ Provides multifunctional 8 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, 2 relay outputs, 2 analog outputs, 1 high-speed pulse input, and 1 high-speed pulse output;

        ■ The original "quick debugging" function facilitates the user to complete the setting of the inverter and realize the operation of the inverter in the shortest time.

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             product model:

            200V class


          400V class



    • Item Index description
      enter Rated voltage

      AC 380V±10%、AC660V±10%

      Rated frequency

      50/60HZ ± 5%

      Minimum input working voltage

      AC 300V

      Maximum input working voltage

      AC 500V

      Output The output voltage

      AC 0~380V ± 5%

      Output frequency range

      V/F control: 0.00~650.00Hz

      Vector control: 0.00~200.00Hz

      Basic norms Motor control mode Sensorless V/F control, sensored V/F control, sensorless vector control, sensored vector control, V/F separation control
      V/F curve User-defined V/F curve, linear V/F curve, 3 types of decreasing torque curve and 2 types of increasing torque curve
      Starting torque ≥150% rated torque at 0.50HZ
      Overload capacity 150% rated current for 1 minute
      Output frequency resolution


      Automatic energy-saving operation According to the load condition, the V/F curve is automatically optimized to realize automatic energy-saving operation
      Automatic voltage adjustment (AVR) When the grid voltage changes within a certain range, it can automatically keep the output voltage constant
      Automatic carrier adjustment The carrier frequency can be automatically adjusted according to load characteristics and ambient temperature (2KHz~12KHz)
      Random PWM Adjust the tone of the motor when it is running, and reduce the running noise
      Multi-speed function 16-segment preset speed function
      Multi-speed mode Coding selection, direct selection, overlay selection and number selection methods
      Run command channel Operation panel setting, control terminal setting, communication setting, can be switched through the operator
      Frequency given channel Operation panel, communication, UP/DOWN adjustment value, AI1, AI2, PFI, multi-speed, panel potentiometer, PFI
      Acceleration and deceleration method Linear acceleration and deceleration, S-curve acceleration and deceleration
      Acceleration and deceleration time


      Dynamic braking capability 15KW and below power level built-in braking unit, using external braking resistor
      DC braking capability Braking time: 0.0~60.0s, braking current: 0.0~100.0% of rated current
      Pulse frequency input Maximum input frequency: 50KHZ
      Pulse frequency output 0~50KHZ pulse square wave signal output, programmable
      Analog input 2 analog signal inputs, 0/4~20mA or 0~5/10V can be selected respectively
      Analog output 2 channels of analog signal output, 0/4~20mA or 0~5/10V can be selected respectively
      Digital input 8 source/drain optional multifunctional digital inputs
      Digital output

      2 source/drain optional multifunctional digital outputs; 2 multifunctional relay outputs

      communication Built-in RS485 communication interface, support Modbus protocol, USS command
      Process PID regulator Built-in PID adjustment function, suitable for automatic adjustment process use occasions
      Sleep and wake With sleep and external wake-up function
      Parameter display and setting In the standby state, the internal parameters can be modified and all internal parameters and status can be monitored through the LCD man-machine interface
      Protective function Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, output phase loss, output short circuit, overheating, motor overload, external fault, analog input disconnection, stall prevention, etc.
      Optional accessories Brake components, remote control box, digital I/O expansion board, encoder pinch board, analog input expansion board, operation panel with parameter copy function or potentiometer, operation panel installation box, operation panel extension cord, input and output reactor , Electromagnetic interference filter, liquid crystal display panel, etc.
      Executive standard

      GB/T 12668-2002 Adjustable speed electric drive system

      IEC 61800-3.5/6 electromagnetic emission and electromagnetic immunity

      IEC61000 electromagnetic compatibility

      surroundings Use place The altitude is lower than 2000 meters, indoors, not exposed to direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, flammable gas, oil mist, water vapor, dripping water, salt mist, etc.
      Working environment temperature/humidity -10~+40℃/20~90%RH, no condensation
      storage temperature


      vibration Less than 5.9m/s (0.6g)
      structure Protection level


      cooling method Forced air cooling, automatic fan control
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