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GSDQ water resistance soft starter series



  • 详细描述
  • 原理及特性
  • 型号定义及选型说明
  • 技术参数
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  •   GSDQ series water resistance soft starters are mainly suitable for starting and protecting devices of three-phase induction squirrel cage asynchronous and synchronous motors with rated working voltages of 3, 6, and 10KV and power range of 200-30000KW. The water resistance is connected in series in the stator circuit of the motor as a voltage-reducing and current-limiting element. It can be widely used in the starting of ball mills, rolling mills, crushers, hoists, fans, pumps and other motors in building materials, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, water conservancy and other industries. Especially suitable for industrial and mining enterprises with insufficient grid capacity.



    •   This product uses a mechanical transmission device to make the two-pole plates connected in series on the power side or star point side of the motor stator loop smoothly move in the water resistance. The resistance value is from the largest to the smallest, and it is steplessly reduced until it approaches zero to achieve a uniform change in the resistance value. The purpose of this is to change the voltage distribution between the water resistance and the motor windings to achieve smooth starting of the motor. The work process is automatically controlled by a programmable controller (PLC).

        The water resistance starter conducts electricity by ions (electrolyte) dissolved in water. The electrolyte is filled between two flat plates (that is, the two electrodes of the water resistance) to form a resistor with adjustable resistance, which can limit The flow of current has a small voltage drop and no inductive components. That is to say, the use of GSDQ products can reduce the starting current of the motor, make the motor obtain a larger terminal voltage, and increase the power at the start Factor, can make the motor 100% start successfully.

        Its characteristics are:

        The starting current is small, 2-3.5 times the rated current (adjustable);

        Smooth start without impact, prolong the service life of the main motor and driving equipment;

        The starting torque is large, which is not affected by the quality of the power grid, and the starting success rate is 100%;

        Compact structure, high degree of automation, safe and reliable, low failure rate, saving operation and maintenance costs;

        The temperature and current closed-loop control are selected to achieve the repeatability and stability of the starting performance;

        Choose the communication function to implement remote monitoring;

        The LCD control screen is selected to display the starting curve and system status in real time.

    •   Varieties and specifications

        According to the purpose:

        A. Single circuit starter-the starter is used to start a single motor;

        B. Multi-circuit starter-the starter can control two or more motors. (Called one for two, one for three)

        According to the structure of water resistance:

        A. Conventional water resistance-also called pole-distance adjustable water resistance starting cabinet. The change of the resistance value of the water resistance is mainly realized by changing the distance between the two plates by the servo system composed of electronic control circuit, drag motor, and mechanical transmission parts.

        B. Thermistor water resistance-the change of the water resistance value is realized by using the negative temperature characteristics of the water resistance and relying on the starting current of the motor to increase the temperature of the water resistance liquid and reduce the resistance value.

        According to the wiring method:

        A. Star point type-motor stator Y type connection, 6 terminals can be led out, and the water resistance is connected to the neutral point side.

        B. String main circuit type——Suitable for motor stator delta or star connection, lead out 3 terminals, the water resistance starting cabinet is connected to the outlet end of the high voltage switch cabinet, and the motor is connected to the outlet end of the water resistance starting cabinet.

        According to motor power points: Table 1


      Applicable motor power(KW)


      Installation size(w×d×φ)






      Single-sided cabinet





      Single-sided cabinet





      Single-sided cabinet





      Three-sided cabinet





      Three-sided cabinet





      Three-sided cabinet





      Three-sided cabinet





      Three-sided cabinet





      Three-sided cabinet





      Three-sided cabinet





      Three-sided cabinet





      Three-sided cabinet





      Three-sided cabinet





      Three-sided cabinet





      Three-sided cabinet





      Six-sided cabinet



      Separately designed and manufactured according to technical or site requirements

      1. When the water resistance cabinet with isolation knife switch is selected, each set is widened by 200mm, and the isolation knife switch operating mechanism is assembled;

      2. The overall dimensions of the product should be added to the structural dimensions with the thickness of the front and rear door panels of about 50mm, and the thickness of the partitions at both ends should be about 30mm;

      3. The above dimensions are suitable for general loads. When the load is heavier (such as mills, sintering fans), the motor power is increased by one gear;

      4. When it needs to be combined with the GG-1 cabinet, the height of the cabinet can be 2800mm;

      5. When it needs to be combined with the KYN28 type cabinet, the cabinet height can be 2300mm, but the plane size should be selected according to the motor power by one level;

      6. The star point cabinet and the short-circuit cabinet need to be ordered separately, the cabinet size is 1000mm or 1100mm wide, and the depth and height of the cabinet are matched with the water resistance cabinet;

    •   a) Applicable motor working voltage level Ue: 3KV, 6KV, 10KV b) Dielectric strength: 1min power frequency withstand voltage see standard DB42/T542-2009;

        C) Starting current multiple (starting current/rated current): (2.0~4) Ie can be set according to the load;

        D) Starting grid voltage drop: the relative full voltage is not more than 5~10%Ue;

        E) Starting time: adjustable within the range of 10~100S;

        F) Number of consecutive starts: no less than 3 times;

        G) Normal working temperature of water resistance fluid: 0~70℃.

        H) Trip protection measures: ①Starting overtime; ②The resistance liquid temperature exceeds 85℃.

        Note: 1) The starting current multiple is determined according to user requirements and motor and load conditions.

        2) The starting time is determined according to the motor power, starting current and load conditions.

        Technical characteristics

        A) Good adjustability, the starting current can be adjusted on-site according to the equipment load to achieve the best starting effect. This is unmatched by other starting equipment such as reactors with fixed specifications, fixed turns and constant impedance, and self-coupling transformers.

        B) Good recoverability, large heat capacity of the water tank, continuous starting, no burnout, and simple maintenance. Even if the resistance fluid evaporates, it can be supplemented with water to restore its performance.

        C) No harmonic pollution: The use of this device will not produce high-order harmonics, avoiding the pollution of the power grid.

        Implement the standard common technical requirements for high-voltage switchgear and control equipment GB/T11022-1999 IEC60694: 1996 3.6-40.5KV AC metal-enclosed switchgear and control equipment GB3906-2006 IEC298: 1990 water resistance starter DB42/T542-2011

        Use environmental conditions

        A) Ambient temperature: generally 0~45℃; with heating device: -20~45℃;

        B) The altitude does not exceed 2000m;

        C) The relative humidity of the air is not more than 90% (temperature 25℃);

        D) In ​​places where there is no explosive mixture of biogas;

        E) Where there is no significant shaking and shock vibration;

        F) The installation inclination with the horizontal plane does not exceed 5°;

        G) In an environment where there is no damage to the insulation and no corrosive gas;

        H) There are rain and lightning protection facilities;

        I) Air pollution level 3;

        working conditions

        A) Installation category: Class Ⅱ;

        B) Use category: AC-3;

        C) Working voltage Ue: 3KV, 6KV, 10KV;

        D) Control power supply: AC 380V three-phase four-wire 50/60Hz (VV-1000 4*2.5mm2);

        E) Applicable motor type: squirrel cage asynchronous motor, synchronous motor;

        F) Applicable motor power: 200~30000KW and above;

        G) Allowable starting resistance fluid temperature: 0~70℃, the highest working resistance fluid temperature is less than 85℃;

        H) Allowable starting resistance liquid level range: the highest liquid level is greater than 10cm from the upper edge of the water tank, and the lowest liquid level is 25cm away from the upper edge of the water tank.

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