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DDB low voltage dynamic compensation cabinet



  • 详细描述
  • 原理及特性
  • 型号定义及选型说明
  • 技术参数
  •   Overview

      DDB series low-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device, namely TSC-Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC-Thyristor SwitchedCapacitor) static reactive power compensation (SVC) device, can continuously adjust the reactive power of the compensation device. The device uses a non-contact switch composed of high-power thyristors to quickly switch the multi-level capacitor capacitor bank without a transition process, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional reactive power compensators due to the use of mechanical contact burns and large impact on the capacitor. Various loads can play a good compensation effect. DDB dynamic reactive power compensation device has fast dynamic response speed (less than 20ms), significant energy saving and consumption reduction effect, high dynamic compensation power factor, reduced loss, stabilized load voltage, and increased transformer load capacity. It is the field of reactive power compensation The updated products.

      Scope of application

      DDB series low-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device can be widely used in:

      The load power factor is low, the line voltage drop is large, and the reactive power compensation is required;

      Apply to the occasions where the load power factor has a large variation range and a fast variation speed;

      Electricity occasions with higher requirements for voltage fluctuations and dynamic compensation;

      is widely used in electric power, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, metallurgy, shipbuilding, port transportation, railways, coal mines, chemicals, oil fields, etc.

    •   Working principle and characteristics

        The DDB series dynamic reactive power compensation device is composed of a controller, a trigger unit, a thyristor, a reactor, a capacitor, and a protection element. The controller uses a digital signal processor DSP as the core to track and measure the power factor, reactive power, and The preset set value is compared, and the capacitors of the number of unconnected groups are dynamically controlled to ensure that the power factor always meets the total setting requirements. The entire measurement execution process is completed within one cycle (the time is less than 20ms), and the controller ensures that the thyristor is triggered at zero crossing, so that the switching capacitor has no impact, no inrush current, and no transitional engineering. It not only dynamically tracks the load change, but also overcomes the harm caused by the traditional reactive power compensator to the capacitor.

        1. With microprocessor as the core of detection and control, real-time detection of load reactive power, rapid calculation of compensation capacity, and rapid judgment and control according to preset switching logic;

        2. The use of thyristors to form a high-speed non-contact switching switch has timely and rapid response, high reliability, and long service life. The automatic tracking selection system switches the capacitor bank at all times during the zero transition process. The transient process is extremely short, and the reactive power is reduced. Fast dynamic compensation;

        3. The dynamic response speed is less than 20 milliseconds, the power factor is dynamically compensated to above 0.9, and the voltage fluctuations caused by reactive power changes can be effectively suppressed;

        4. The capacitor switching control adopts the weighted coding cycle, the first switching first, and the switching is fast and accurate. It can further reduce the working stress of the capacitor and fully extend the life of the capacitor;

        5. Capacitor switching threshold and response time are programmable, and the switch between manual switching and automatic switching can be realized, debugging and inspection are convenient, and the applicability is wider;

        6. ​​With self-checking function, over-voltage protection, over-current protection and other hardware protection functions, to ensure the stable and reliable operation of this cup;

        7. Automatically monitor system voltage, current, active power, reactive power and power factor before and after compensation.

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    •   Executive standard



        The main technical parameters

        Conform to the standard: GB/T15576-2008 general technical conditions of reactive power static compensation device

        Compensation power: (kvar), can be configured according to user requirements

        System frequency: 50Hz

        Compensation power factor: ≥0.9

        Environmental temperature: -30℃—+50℃

        Structural form: optional standard cabinets such as GGD, GCS, GCK, MNS, etc., can be installed in parallel with the low-voltage power distribution cabinet, or can be designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of users

        Protection function: filtering, overheating, overvoltage, undervoltage, harmonic and other functions

        Protection level: IP20—IP30 (determined by the type of power distribution cabinet selected)

        Residual voltage: 3 minutes after the applied voltage is disconnected, it drops below 50V

        Reactor reactance rate selection: 4.5%—7%; 12%—14%, determined according to the harmonic status of the power grid

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